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The beaches are more suited to swimmers and snorkellers rather than divers because they lead to shallow water over sand with lots of rays, cuttlefish and parrotfish. For divers, the group of small rocky islets to the nortwest of Pulau Perhentian Kecil is a location not to be missed. The tiny islets have irregular patches of stunted soft tree corals in many colours and deeper down, one can explore the wonders of king-size barrel sponges with Alabaster Sea Cucumbers. Common to the area are harp and black corals, while large hard corals are absent. There are large off-white soft tree corals growing on an experimental artificial reef laid down for the Deparment of Fisheries to the west of Pulau Perhentian Kecil. The rate of growth is unusual for this region.

Tokong Laut lies out in the sea in the northwest of the Perhentian Islands. It is a rocky pinnacle covered with soft and hard corals. You can find dozens of small bamboo sharks lying under the corals, sleeping. Sometimes there are several lying one on top of the other, moving there tails with the water current. Look under the rocks around 20m. If you don't find bamboosharks it will be a moray eel! This time there were also a lot of mackerels and jackfish.

Terumbu Tiga lies on the east of Perhentian Besar Island. Its a jumble of large rocks with many swim throughs. Visibility isn't so good and there is often a slight film of particles on the rocks. Nudibranchs seem to love it, specially one that is called "blue dragon", a beautiful bluish, violet slug. Terumbu Tiga was one of our first dives in that area. We were very lucky, because at the beginning of the dive we saw a large school of mackerels and another school of small herrings that just about covered the reef. My divebuddy Jutta and myself stayed over 20min. around 15m and watched their dance. The mackerels attacked the herrings in large and small groups and tried to divide the large school, round up smaller numbers of fish and urge them towards the surface. Deadly and beautiful! Later on another dive at the same site I met a leopard shark. It was swimming in front of us for several minutes, before it disappeared towards the sandy area. Great!

You can get a boat taxi charted to visit these perhentian's islands for snorkeling or scuba diving

Other than diving and snorkeling in Perhentian, there are other activities to be enjoyed:

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