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The interior of Perhentian Kecil is covered by lush tropical rainforest with a wide variety of wild life. You can choose to do a long trekking or a short and simple one. Trails break into several parts. Try to do it in a relaxing way. There are flora and fauna and also wild animals in the jungle that might impress or bring you surprises. Start from Pasir Panjang and head to Aur Bay at the west side. This is a real short one, only about 15 minutes. Then if your are not satisfy, go further from Aur Bay heading down to beaches in front of a local run chalet, Mira Chalet. This will take you about 1 hour, but it is worth as your tiredness will be rewarded with sandy beach. Have a cup of drink before you go on (if you wish to) to a trail connecting Mira Chalet with the fishing village. This part of trekking involves some climbing up and takes nearly 1 hour for you to reach Kampung Pasir Hantu.. You can choose to end the journey here by taking the same way back or look for a boat to give you a lift.

There are rocky hills in the jungle. The rock formation of these hills has created caves which attract birds to build their nest, especially during winter season in the northern regions. These birds are not only adding up to the variety of wildlife in this area but also bring some side income to the villagers by collecting the precious bird nest from the caves. However, quantity of bird nest collected is just enough to serve the local market.

Resorts and guesthouses stretching along the beach. Most of the operators are local Malay, therefore other than several recently built resorts, the rest of the guesthouses are in small scale and basic facilities.

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